Our planet needs YOU!

On 21/22 September, people around the world are going to flood the streets to call for action on climate change. It’s going to be HUGE! www.peoplesclimate.org/east-asia

This will take place just days before world leaders gather for the Climate Summit in New York. With thousands of us standing together, we’ll send a powerful message to politicians that urgent action is their priority. Join now — find a march in your area: www.peoplesclimate.org/east-asia

Our dream is for a green and peaceful future free from conflict over energy sources like oil. Renewable energy shifts the direction towards a world free from conflict over fossil fuels.

Your choice is crucial in determining the path for our future whether we would go for clean and peaceful renewable energy or dirty and conflict-ridden fossil fuels → http://bit.ly/cleanenergyph

Today, we are at a historic crossroads: will we go dirty and invest in the past, or will we go clean and invest in the future?

We need your help to show that Filipinos, who are among the most vulnerable to climate impacts, want ACTION on climate change—not words. http://bit.ly/cleanenergyph

We need to climate-proof our agriculture and food systems, as the impacts of climate change are projected to continue and worsen in the coming years. 

Be the first to sign up for our upcoming project to promote ecological farming: http://bit.ly/earlybirdsforecoag

Global water consumption by the power sector is growing, with coal projects accounting for 50% of increased water use.

Spread the word to claim water for life, not for coal. http://act.gp/1tYSch8 ‪#‎wwweek‬ ‪#‎NoWater4Coal‬